Good Trust Addresses Mobile Identity, Authentication Issues

Good Trust Addresses Mobile Identity, Authentication Issues

Good Technology MDM LogoMobile devices are rapidly becoming the preferred means of Internet access in both personal and professional settings, as the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend continues to spread across the business environment. The surge in employees connecting to corporate networks with disparate personal devices is leaving companies scrambling to verify individual users' identities and provide them the appropriate levels of access and mobile experiences for their digital IDs.

MSPs offering their clients mobile services may want to investigate the new Good Trust security platform from Good Technology, which allows them to develop and deliver mobile apps that customize each mobile application experience based on user identity. Good Trust provides a set of workflows, developer tools, APIs and integrations that allow management of user provisioning, access permissions and application life cycle management with full audit control to ensure compliance and complete data governance.

Specifically, Good Trust allows MSPs to provide managed mobile apps that offer functionality such as authentication and seamless single sign-on from mobile apps to remote services and data stores, which increases mobile worker productivity, restricting access to sensitive resources only to authorized users for mandate compliance, self-service provisioning and identity governance for improved IT efficiency and manageability of mobile apps, and enabling mobile devices to deliver secure access to buildings or conduct safe and private financial transactions.

Identity – The New Mobile Frontier

Good Technology currently offers its own Good Trust product, Good Vault, which incorporates IAM capabilities and encryption to enhance data protection. However, MSPs can offer Good Trust on a managed services basis or develop/co-develop client-specific mobile IAM solutions.

Whether MSPs choose to leverage Good Vault or offer their own Good Trust-based managed services, the platform can help them address what is quickly becoming the “new frontier” of the mobile landscape – user identity. Threats to the enterprise now come not only from hackers who break into systems by defeating firewalls and encryption codes, but from impostors who simply pretend to be an authorized user on networks overwhelmed by a wide array of devices originating outside the internal IT department.

In addition, Good Trust also allows MSPs to help their clients meet increased expectations for a personalized mobile experience from employees who are now receiving highly tailored and targeted mobile experiences from consumer sites. There are also security benefits to individualized mobile experiences, as a senior executive logging into a corporate network should have different levels of access to different data than a middle manager.

Philosophers have long debated the true meaning of a person’s “identity,” but companies cannot afford to be esoteric about it. Managed Good Trust services help employers verify employees are who they say they are when they log into the corporate network from a mobile device, discussions about what “who they are” really means can be saved for drinks after work.
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