GFI Spins Off Security Business Unit as ThreatTrack Security

GFI Spins Off Security Business Unit as ThreatTrack Security

GFI Software has spun out its Security Business Unit into a new, separate company called ThreatTrack Security. The move comes as GFI continues to build its MSP-centric business (called GFI Max) while also ramping up for a potential initial public offering (IPO). I've sent a note to GFI to see if the security spin-off has any implications for GFI Max's managed services partners. In the meantime, here are some early details bout the move.

According to a prepared statement, the ThreatTrack business will "continue on with its GFI legacy of detecting, analyzing and remediating advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware designed to evade traditional cyber defenses."

Also of note:

  • Julian Waits, formerly GM of the Security Business Unit, has been named CEO of the new business.
  • ThreatTrack Security enables organizations to identify and prevent Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and sophisticated malware designed to evade the traditional cyber-defenses deployed by enterprises, government agencies, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around the world, GFI Software said in a prepared statement.
  • ThreatTrack Security will unveil a new product roadmap within a few months, the company added.
The current product lineup includes:
  • ThreatAnalyzer (formerly GFI SandBox)
  • VIPRE Business Premium is the company's most robust business antivirus solution. It combines antivirus, integrated patch management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and more to centrally manage and defend PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
  • VIPRE Internet Security is the company's premier home antivirus software.
  • ThreatIQ provides the real-time malware intelligence.
The following is purely my opinion: Companies typically spin-off business units in order to (A) shed a slow-growing business that's not core to the organization or (B) shed a fast-growth business to accelerate growth and unlock even more value. In this case I'm not sure what exactly triggered the spin-off from GFI Software but I'm asking around.

As for GFI Max itself, I think growth continues. The company in January 2013 said it had added 2,000 MSP partners over the past 12 months.

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