Formula One Racing Squad Gives Internap the Checkered Flag

Need further proof that the cloud is everywhere? It even has a place on the Formula One racing circuit. That's right. Internap Network Services, the IT infrastructure services provider, has inked a deal with Sahara Force India, an upstart Formula One racing team, that makes the IT provider the official supplier of web hosting and content delivery network services for the team's official website. The deal comes on the heals of Internap's purchase of Voxel Holdings, a cloud services provider (CSP), for roughly $30 million.

Internap will help the race team grow its website internationally, as the team plans to compete in 20 races in four different continents during this racing season alone. Sahara plans to use Internap's managed hosting, performance IP and accelerated IP solutions to help deal with its growing number of site visits.

Formula One teams usually have a global fan base because of the international nature of the sport. And what's more, many of those fans are on the move,attending different races in different parts of the world. See where we're going with this? They're a group that uses mobile devices. So Internap is going to help Sahara distribute its website content internationally and to different types of devices, including regular computer desktops, smartphones and tablets. So Sahara Force India fans can soon expect to have access to the team's HD photos, videos streaming media and social media feeds from any device, at any time, from wherever they are.

According to Internap CEO Eric Cooney, the deal with Sahara allows the IT provider to showcase what its services can do on an international level. And who knows? Some Internap employees might also be able to score a joyride an Formula One racer.

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