Former Global Channel Chief Moves Into Managed Services Market

Former Global Channel Chief Moves Into Managed Services Market

If the rumors are true, GFI Software has made a major hire that could shine a really bright spotlight on the managed services and SaaS markets. The rumored move involves a major software industry veteran -- a former global channel chief -- joining GFI to help drive the company's worldwide sales efforts. I realize: This is only one alleged hire. But it's the type of bold move we need to see more frequently in the managed services market.

When MSPmentor launched in January 2008, we predicted -- over and over again -- that major software and hardware companies would begin to pay more attention to the managed services market and next-generation MSPs. But so far, the efforts have been disjointed. We've seen some solid progress from big players like Cisco Systems, Google, Intel and Lenovo. But Dell has essentially gone radio silent with MSPs. And giants like Microsoft are just now waking up to the MSP opportunity.

Now, let's turn our attention to GFI Software. The company promotes GFI Max, a family of SaaS-based solutions for MSPs. The offerings include remote monitoring and management, anti-virus and anti-malware protection. GFI Software has been in growth mode. But in a potential landmark move, the company apparently has hired the former global channel chief from one of the world's largest software companies.

We're still working to confirm all the facts but we're confident the hire occurred. More details, hopefully, soon.

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