ForeScout, AirWatch Team on iOS and Android Security

Network security solutions provider ForeScout Technologies, Inc. and mobile device management (MDM) provider AirWatch announced a partnership this morning to deliver a mobile security solution that combines ForeScout's network access control (NAC) offerings with AirWatch's MDM solution for iOS and Android mobile management. Both companies expect this alliance will quickly enable enterprise mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) strategies. Here's what you'll get.

In order to accomplish this integration, ForeScout Mobile, an add-on module to ForeScout CounterACT, will integrate ForeScout CounterACT and AirWatch MDM. The new offering will provide enterprises with the following:

  • Security automation -- Detect unmanaged devices including iOS and Android mobile devices, attempting to connect to the network and gain network and device-based controls for a variety of actions including: allow, block, limit, register as guest, segregate, and initiate device compliance inspection.
  • Automated installation -- Use an automated self-enrollment process to intall AirWatch's MDM agent on unmanaged devices.
  • Detection of jail-broken and rooted devices -- Provide negated or limited access to jail-broken and rooted devices.
  • Real-time mobile device compliance re-assessment -- Use mobile device compliance re-assessment for any mobile device that tries to connect to an enterprise WiFi network.
  • Over-the-air device configuration and corporate app catalog management -- Allow management to instant provision access to corporate email, WiFi, VPN and applications.
  • Wipe lost or stolen devices -- Wipe stolen or lost devices.
  • Unified visibility, control and compliance reporting -- Analyze reports for all mobile endpoint devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops through the ForeScout CounterACT platform.
"IT organizations need solutions that help them easily manage enterprise accessibility and meet BYOD demands regardless of the types of users and devices connecting to their networks," said ForeScout CEO Gord Boyce. "The ForeScout-AirWatch partnership delivers a layered approach to overcome the unique challenges of BYOD via integrated mobile device visibility, end-to-end management and security."

AirWatch Technology Partner Integration Lead Andrew Berenato discussed the importance of combining NAC capabilities with MDM tools. "By combining NAC capabilities from ForeScout with mobile device and mobile application management tools from AirWatch, we are creating a seamless solution that allows our customers complete end-to-end management of all devices and access points. This great partnership highlights the level of our integration in the NAC industry and plays an integral role in the overall plans for technology integration partnerships at AirWatch, which includes more than 100 hardware and software vendors."

The integration will be available by March. The price of the ForeScout Mobile integration module for 1,000 devices or more is $18 per device (perpetual).
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