FAQ: Managed Services Pricing Question

FAQ: Managed Services Pricing Question

Each week, readers submit questions to MSPmentor's Ask a Mentor form. And each week, we take our best shot answering a specific reader question -- while updating our Managed Services FAQ section along the way. Here's the latest submission, from a reader who is trying to nail down his managed services pricing strategy. Got advice? Weigh in.

The question...

"I love the managed service idea and understand how to relate the power of managed services to my clients unique needs. I am falling short on where to start my prices and what it exactly includes. So I get them on maintenance package, then how do I handle if they have an IT issue? Do I bill them for remote support, do I charge them my normal $95.00/hr?

Once I have the maintenance package/pricing down I really need to figure out what else it includes.. This is getting hard and my competition's websites only explain so much. Any help would be great."
MSPmentor's initial reply...

Whether you're referring to managed services or cloud services, try to focus on a Cake-oriented  pricing model, promoted by such consulting firms as TruMethods. Some of the best MSPs in the TruMethods group are charging anywhere from $100 to $150 per month per user for all-in support and IT services -- including PC management, security, cloud storage, hosted email and more.

Of course, your prices will vary greatly based on vertical markets served, level of service, etc.

Offer Your Own Advice: Of course, that's only one example. The real pricing experts are MSPmentor's readers. Anybody else care to share any pricing tips? Post a comment and perhaps your advice -- fully credited to you and your company -- will wind up in our Managed Services FAQ section.

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