Fandotech: RAIN Cloud and Managed Services Drive Growth

Fandotech LLC -- an MSPmentor 100 company based in Connecticut -- will wrap up its fiscal year on June 30. It's a year that President and CEO John Boyd considers a "reemergence" -- a sign that that U.S. economy is on the rebound and Fandotech is gaining steam, thanks to a RAIN cloud strategy and a continued managed services focus. The eight-year-old company has achieved double-digit growth each quarter of this fiscal year and has increased its customer base in the process. Here's how.

Unlike some resellers that struggled to survive during the recession, Fandotech's managed services model ensured it never had to climb out of a deep hole. Even as the U.S. economy slowed, Fandotech was on the acquisition track, buying Offsite NOW Data Centers in 2006, ProActive Data Systems in 2007 and UpLink MSP in 2008. "Without the MSP market, we may not have survived the recession," said Boyd.

The company now has three data centers and  focuses on SMB's in the insurance and medical verticals where virtualization is in high demand. Fandotech is evolving with its client-base, particularly in the area of cloud computing. "We are seeing a very strong transition trend from the desktop to the cloud," said Boyd. " They (clients) like the cloud, but they still want a little bit of control." So Fandotech offers a desktop-cloud mixed solution so that its clients can enjoy the benefits of both types of solutions.

And so has been born the company slogan: "Everyone has the cloud. But only we make it RAIN." It's a reference to the company's RAIN line of applications, which was introduced in November 2010.

RAIN stands for: Remote desktop, Application hosting, Infrastructure architecture, and Network management. It's a system that Fandotech helps its clients integrate once they've purchased the solution. The company assigns a sales manager to each client. That sales manager is responsible for identifying which solutions the client needs and putting them in contact with Fandotech specialists who can help them implement those solutions and maximize their cloud and desktop potential.

The RAIN strategy has helped Fandotech create a more intimate relationship with each of its clients. "We bring the cloud to them," said Boyd. "Instead of having it just pass over people, we make it real."

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