Exchange, Office 365 Security: Mimecast Gives Users Control

Mimecast, a provider of cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, recently launched new features to its Email Security, designed to boost productivity, while addressing a growing appetite for end-user autonomy. The new features give users the ability to customize their own workplace technology, something that more companies have been demanding, according to the company.

Users no longer have to leave Microsoft Office to report spam or manage their blocked sender lists, allowing them to work through a centralized location. With these new features, users also gain access to message actions from within Microsoft Outlook. These message actions include:

  • User-defined message encryption
  • Intuitive document clean-up
  • Email stationery and branding selection
  • User-activated ‘strip and link’ functionality (which lets users remove attachments and just include a link to where they are in the Mimecast cloud).
Mimecast designed the solution to provide IT departments with full visibility of the organization’s email security. Users are empowered to manage their own security settings on a per-message basis, but IT departments are given the ability to activate features and permissions for specific individuals or groups through centralized controls. A new deployment tool enables a client side installation via existing software management systems.

The new version will be available in fall 2012.

The news builds on another announcement last month from the nine-year-old U.K.-based company. At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference Mimecast announced a U.S. partner program.

Currently the company serves more than 5,000 customers worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America, Africa and the Channel Islands. Learn more about Mimecast's partner program here.
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