Everything I Haven't Told You (But Should Have)

I've been heads-down at Juniper Networks' Global Partner Conference this week. My inbox is flooded with news and trends involving managed services providers (MSPs) and cloud services providers (CSPs). I usually save this blog post for Friday ("Seven Things MSPmentor Didn't Write"). But here's a big mid-week edition about what we're tracking across MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and Talkin' Cloud. So, the update...

1. Disaster Recovery Twist: Microsoft has created a free cross-platform mobile application called HelpBridge. It runs on Windows Phone, iOS  and Android devices, the app is designed to provide an easy way for the user to connect, donate and volunteer during and after a disaster. Potential Future Coverage: That's all for now.

2. Dell PacketTrap RMM 6.7: The new release is out. Potential Future Coverage: MSPmentor

3. Desktop as a Service: nGenx, a cloud services provider of hosted applications and desktops, has signed Choice Solutions as a white label partner. I believe nGenx is also a Rackspace partner, and is also the preferred method for delivering Windows applications to Google Chromebooks. (I need to double-check that). Potential Future Coverage: That's all for now.

4. Cisco Software-Defined Networks: Juniper claims Cisco is going to have a hard time with SDN. What is Cisco's response? We will likely share details by Friday. Potential Future Coverage The VAR Guy

5. Office 365 Victory?: Sprint is making noise about its progress with Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service. What's the chatter all about? Stay tuned. Potential Future Coverage: Talkin' Cloud

6. Partners of the Year: Which Linux, storage, virtualization and cloud partners are tops with Red Hat? The answers arrived this week. Potential Future Coverage: The VAR Guy

7. Cloud-based IT Service Management: Keep your eyes on Cloud Sherpas. Plus, some recent research from Gartner provides some surprising conclusions about this market. Potential Future Coverage: MSPmentor

8. AT&T in the Cloud Market: What's the deal? Insights soon. Potential Future Coverage: Talkin' Cloud

9. He Went Where?Actifio, a storage company, has hired Russell Rosa as channel chief. Prior to Actifio, Russell was channel chief for VCE, the Cisco, VMware, EMC venture offering converged infrastructure. Potential Future Coverage: That's all for now. Perhaps more on The VAR Guy next week as our schedules clear.

10. Java Security Patch: SolarWinds has some strong thoughts about recent Java security holes and proper patch management.  Plus, the company released an updated version of Patch Manager to address the recent Java 7 vulnerability and flawed Oracle patch. Potential Future Coverage: That's all for now.

11. From MSP to CSP: Zenith Infotech is seeking to educate MSPs that are pushing into cloud services. Potential Future Coverage: MSPmentor

12. Savvis Channel Partners:Owned by CenturyLink, the Savvis cloud platform seems to be gaining momentum with strategic partners like Avnet Cloud Solutions and Mozido, a cloud-based, white label integrated platform of mobile payments, commerce and marketing. Potential Future Coverage: Talkin' Cloud

13. Got a Tip?: Send it along to Contributing Managing Editor Jessica Davis (Jessica [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com) or to me (Joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.

That's all for now. Or is it... Lots of downtime waiting for red eye flight tonight. Keep an eye on MSPmentor this evening...

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