Evermore New Media Becomes Google Apps Reseller

The Google Apps Reseller program continues to gain international reach. One recent example: Evermore New Media, an Athens, Greece-based boutique IT solutions provider, has joined the Google Apps Reseller program. But how is the Google Apps Reseller partner program performing overall? Here are a few educated guesses.

First, a high-level overview: The Google Apps Reseller Program includes resellers, consultants and independent software companies that sell, service and customize Google applications for their business clients.  There are four main components of the Google Apps suite:

  1. E-mail
  2. Calendaring
  3. Project and team site creation
  4. Documented video collaboration and sharing
(Here's a short video clip on exactly how the Google Apps suite works).

Evermore, an eight-year-old digital agency that specializes in computer solutions for SMBs, will get a a recurring discount on Google Apps. That discount varies according to types of pricing plans:
  1. Flexible Plan: Resellers don't sign a contract with Google and can offer their clients Google Apps for $5/user/month.
  2. Annual Plan: Resellers sign a one-year contract with Google and can offer their clients Google Apps for $50/user/year. That's $10/user/year less than the flexible plan.
Evermore will also deliver its service by way of a plug-and-play integration with Google's communication and collaboration App suite.

But how is the Google Apps Reseller program performing overall? So far, Google has not disclosed revenue figures for Google Apps and the Google Apps Reseller partner program. More than 1,000 channel partners are in the program. And more than 20 percent of our Talkin' Cloud 50 survey participants -- tracking the top cloud VARs and MSPs worldwide -- say they're promoting Google Apps to their customers.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.
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