Europe's CentraStage Confirms U.S. Managed Services Plans

Europe's CentraStage Confirms U.S. Managed Services Plans

CentraStage, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software provider in Europe, is planning a push into U.S. markets sometime in early 2011, according to CEO Christian Nagele. What's the strategy? And how will CentraStage attempt to stand out in the very crowded RMM market? Nagele shared some perspectives with MSPmentor today. Here's the update.

Let's start with some background. Based in the United Kingdom, CentraStage develops a SaaS platform that allows VARs and MSPs to remotely monitor and management customer systems. CentraStage has about 15 employees but that figure will likely double by mid-2011, Nagele said. Moreover, the company is in good financial shape, Nagele asserted.

Asked about the potential profit picture, Nagele responded: "We are profitable. Without giving too much away we’re well funded and there will potentially be some news on that front."

Nagele concedes the UK market for RMM software has been a bit stagnant across all economic sectors, but two verticals -- local government and schools -- have helped to ensure CentraStage's continued growth. From Q1 to Q2, CentraStage doubled the number of devices managed by the SaaS platform. And from Q2 to Q3, the figure morethan doubled again, Nagele said.

Coming to America

Next up, CentraStage is preparing some U.S. moves sometime in early 2011. The company plans to deploy cloud infrastructure on U.S. soil and scale it as demand grows, said Nagele. After the U.S. effort gets under way, CentraStage will push into three additional regions, he added. "We're a true cloud offering," Nagele said. "We're a multi-tenant, cloud-based system. There are no minimum contracts or commitments when you work with us."

That certainly sounds promising but the U.S. market is flooded -- and I do mean flooded -- with RMM software providers. Plus, foreign companies like Naverisk (based in New Zealand) are preparing U.S. moves.

In order to gain a foothold in the market, CentraStage plans to "greatly reduce the barrier to RMM entry" for VARs and MSPs. "We keep our costs low to keep our customers' costs low," said Nagele. "We remove price barriers. We enable people to use the core product to transform a business."

Nagele declined to discuss CentraStage pricing but he offered this: "It won't be free but it will be as close to free as possible."

Also, it sounds like CenraStage is mulling partnerships with a range of PSA (professional services automation), security and online backup companies. The ultimate goal is to keep CentraStage vendor-agnostic, Nagele said.

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