European IT Consultants Prep U.S. Managed Services Efforts

Call it a British Invasion, managed services style. At least three international IT consulting firms -- each working from Europe headquarters -- are scouring the U.S. market for potential managed services partners. Instead of making outright acquisitions, the global IT consulting firms are considering partnerships to strengthen regional coverage in specific vertical markets.

MSPmentor expects firm relationships to potentially emerge within the next four to 12 weeks. Each of the global IT consulting firms already has established managed services business practices in Europe, Asia and Australia. Although M&A (merger and acquisition) deals could potentially occur, it sounds like all parties are leaning towards formal partnerships. All companies involved are taking a close look at SMB and branch office engagements that typically involve 75 or more users, sources say.

The pending global MSP partnerships are expected to unlock international cross-selling opportunities, everything from IT project management to localized help desk support across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia, according to sources involved in the ongoing discussions.

Why Not M&A?

Some of the European IT consulting firms considered pursuing mergers and acquisitions, but target MSPs in the U.S. had "inflated valuation expectations," according to the European IT consulting companies involved.

MSPmentor expects to have more updates in May.

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