Envysion: Managed Video Service Meets PCI Compliance

Back in January, I noted a growing number of managed service providers are embracing PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Now a quick update: Envysion, which specializes in managed video as a service, says it has passed its PCI-DSS certification audit.

Envysion claims it is the first web-based video surveillance firm to comply with the standard. But I have seen other MSP-centric companies -- outside of the managed video space -- evangelize their PCI compliance efforts.

Envysion says its managed video system:

"helps retail, restaurant and hospitality customers improve their profitability and enhance their customer experience by providing remote access to in-store video that is tied to business applications, such as Point of Sale (POS) systems."
Envysion hopes PCI DSS compliance will give customers even more peace of mind when dealing with the company. Envysion isn't the only MSP-centric company focused on PCI DSS. I've spotted similar efforts at Third Brigade, nCircle, Verizon, Cybera and Coolcat.
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