EMC, VMware Build Cloud for Lone Star College System

The cloud is making its way from the business world to the education sector. Need proof? EMC and VMware have teamed to build and deploy a cloud computing environment to deliver IT-as-a-Service throughout the Lone Star College System, the fastest growing community college system in Texas. In all, the VMware – EMC cloud environment will connect more than 90,000 faculty, staff and students at 13 Lone Star College System campus locations.

Lone Star turned to VMware and EMC because it was struggling with controlling costs and dealing with so many outages that they began to disrupt the pace of classes. Lone Star is set to open five new community college campuses in 2011 and needs an environment to support the growth. VMware has virtualized over 90 percent of Lone Star’s environment, and EMC is now storing Lone Star’s cloud infrastructure on 450 terabytes of EMC unified storage. Here are four main benefits of Lone Star’s new environment, the companies claim:

  • Over $600,000 saved in capital expenditures
  • Roughly 66 percent reduced energy usage
  • Increased business agility with delivery of new IT services from 3-4 months to less than a week
  • Over 99 percent availability for all critical applications
No doubt other school systems throughout the country will be looking to see if Lone Star's cloud environment really solves technology issues. And another big question: Is the Lone Star environment truly a cloud -- or is it merely a highly virtualized environment? Perhaps the answer to that question doesn't fully matter, assuming the ROI (return on investment) figures are accurate.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.
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