EMC Releases IT Security, Risk Management Solutions at RSA

Most companies are excited to announce the general availability of one brand new security solution to help their business customers secure their work networks. Then there's EMC Corp. , the enterprise software solution provider that recently used the 2012 RSA Conference in San Francisco to release five new IT security and risk management advisory solutions designed to give enterprises a greater level of control over their IT infrastructures.

Here's the breakdown of EMC's five new solutions.

  1. Information Governance Advisory Services: The solution is intended to give EMC business customers a central platform to manage its information. That includes a better understanding of where the information is, how to access and deliver that information, and how to safely exchange what EMC calls "high-value information."
  2. Fraud and Identity Management Advisory Services: It's all about balance. EMC designed the solution with enough security to deny access to unauthorized users while allowing authorized users to access a company's most sensitive and valuable information in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Trusted Cloud Advisory Services: EMC is thinking ahead on this one. The company is committing itself to helping its business customers develop their next-generation IT infrastructure. The advisory services will include everything from infrastructure security to visibility and control of an organization's private and public cloud environments.
  4. Mobile Device Security Advisory Services: You can't release a new solution these days without addressing mobile device management (MDM). EMC will advise its customers on how to extend current enterprise security policies and control to mobile devices that their employees are now bringing on to their business networks.
  5. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Advisory Services: EMC will help its customers become more aware of their own business risks by helping them to first identify and then mitigate those risks. In the end, EMC wants its enterprise customers to become more confident that their information is secure and that their business practices are compliant with their specific industries' standards.
EMC has traditionally focused its efforts in the enterprise sector. Mark Sorenson, senior VP of EMC's Flash Business Unit, told me the company's most recent VFCache release was specifically targeted at enterprise customers. But according to EMC Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Consulting Tom Roloff, EMC's new suite of advisory services offers benefits to all different sizes of businesses.

"Businesses of all sizes are being forced to make their information resources easily available to authenticated users anytime, anywhere," Roloff said in a prepared statement while noting that they all still face serious security, risk and compliance challenges. "The new EMC security and risk management services portfolio leverages the expertise and proven track record of EMC Consulting security professionals to enable customers to build, maintain and cost effectively operate the trusted IT environments they require."
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