eFolder BDR Rescue Program Pursues Zenith Infotech MSPs

eFolder BDR Rescue Program Pursues Zenith Infotech MSPs

eFolder, the cloud storage provider, is set to launch an MSP migration program that helps to shift partners from Zenith Infotech BDR (backup and disaster recovery) to eFolder's cloud services. The so-called eFolder BDR Rescue Program, which seeks to capitalize on Zenith Infotech's recent bond default, will apparently launch this week. Here's what MSPmentor expects MSPs to hear.

First, some background. Zenith Infotech defaulted on a bond payment in September 2011. Zenith Infotech CEO Akash Saraf has assured partners that the company is financially solvent, strong and stable. Zenith Infotech and its bondholders apparently are scheduled for a court hearing on Oct. 26 in India, but cases such as this can sometimes take months or years to resolve.

eFolder's Alternative

Meanwhile, some MSPs are concerned about the Zenith Infotech debt default. In response, eFolder is seeking to offer a migration program that allows MSPs to leap from Zenith Infotech's BDR cloud to eFolder's cloud, according to Ted Hulsy, VP of marketing at eFolder.

The so-called eFolder BDR Rescue Program leverages the following components and capabilities:
  • eFolder has developed a software agent that installs on Zenith Infotech's existing on-premise appliances. The agent allows MSPs to continue leveraging those Zenith Infotech on-premise appliances while shifting the back-end service to eFolder's Storage Cloud. The solution costs MSPs $0.15 per GB per month for as long as the legacy Zenith Infotech appliances are backing up to the eFolder Storage Cloud.
  • eFolder supports both AppAssure and StorageCraft on the back-end. That back-end StorageCraft support sounds particularly important, because I believe it offers a common bond with Zenith Infotech's back-end technology. In theory, that means MSPs can more easily jump from Zenith Infotech's cloud to eFolder's cloud. (Side note: I believe Doyenz also offers StorageCraft support, which may partly explain why Doyenz has recruited a few dozen Zenith Infotech partners over to the Doyenz platform. But note: I need to double-check that theory.)
  • Just to make things extra interesting, the BDR Rescue Program is also available to Datto partners that have Datto Viridian appliances installed in the field, according to eFolder. Interested channel partners must sign up as an eFolder partner at the Gold level or above to qualify for the program, eFolder adds.

Rivals Move In

eFolder certainly isn't the only company targeting Zenith Infotech's installed base. Doyenz, a cloud-based disaster recovery firm, has marketed itself to Zenith Infotech's installed base for several months. And NetEnrich, a NOC (network operations center) specialist, has been promoting its services to Zenith RMM partners. Zenith RMM spun off from Zenith Infotech in September 2011.

Amid the competitive posturing and financial questions, Zenith Infotech is preparing a range of upgrades to its services, and CEO Saraf a few days ago reiterated that the bond default would not sink the company.

Reality Check

The eFolder BDR Rescue Program is expected to debut sometime this week. But I'd encourage readers to double check the facts and the figure I've shared above, since the news is still emerging and some of my assumptions about eFolder's strategy could be off the mark.
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