Echoworx, Mformation Offer Mobile Device Management Security

Mformation and Echoworx are partnering to promote mobile device management (MDM) security and encryption. Specifically, Mformation has added Echoworx’s mobilEncrypt ENDPOINT solutions to its MDM offerings.

Mformation has a range of channel partners that include handset makers, solutions providers, systems integrators and platform providers. Echoworx's partner network includes numerous hosting providers and cloud services providers.

Echoworx's mobilEncrypt allows iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry users to send, receive and download encrypted messages from their business email accounts. It also gives IT service providers the power to assign individual user credentials and revoke and/or suspend devices if they are lost or stolen.

All of those capabilities will now be integrated with the Mformation Enterprise Manager, which lets managed services providers (MSPs) offer a customizable MDM environment to their enterprise end-users. The Mformation Enterprise Manager supports all Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

MSPmentor continues to track the fast-growing MDM industry closely, especially as MSPs seek to assist SMB customers with mobile device management and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.







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