Don’t Overlook the Small Stuff When Dealing with SMBs

Don’t Overlook the Small Stuff When Dealing with SMBs

A recent survey commissioned by IDrive and conducted by Harris Interactive shows that many people are tackling a common high-tech problem in a surprisingly low-tech way. In response to a question about how they get existing contact info into a new smartphone, 27% of respondents said they manually entered the contacts. IDrive estimates each manual entry takes about 1.3 minutes, a not insubstantial period of time for those with dozens or even hundreds of contacts.

IDrive estimates another 25% synced their device with their computer and 18% used a SIM card/flash drive.

Small Conveniences Help Big Picture

So what does this have to do with MSPs serving an SMB client base? Everything. The real point of the survey is to push a free app called iDrive Lite which automatically replenishes smartphone contacts from the cloud. While I’m not here to promote IDrive Lite, the company has the right idea. Manually entering smartphone contacts, or even going through the hassle of syncing with a computer or downloading from a flash drive, may not seem like a big deal.

But in a fast-paced world where every minute counts, saving a smartphone user potentially hours of aggravating manual re-entry, or even a few minutes of syncing a mobile device with a computer, can be a huge help. MSPs need to apply this mentality of offering small but worthwhile conveniences to their dealings with SMB clients.

Every Value-Add Counts

I’m not suggesting that MSPs focus on small value-adds at the expense of ensuring their main services are provided in an optimal manner. Nor am I suggesting a lot of little bells and whistles can cover up a lackluster main menu of offerings. What I am saying is that coupled with top-quality performance in delivering primary managed services, small value-adds are a great way to improve customer service and satisfaction, and possibly even provide a competitive differentiator with a rival MSP who otherwise offers equal services.

Perhaps you could offer a cloud-based contact retrieval service for an SMB’s salesforce. Or include an internal microsite with a client’s website management package. The possibilities are endless, and there is no reason you can’t specifically tailor small value-adds to a client’s unique needs and IT infrastructure.

Just remember, SMBs tend to be especially undermanned and time-strapped, and providing a small service that might even only save a few minutes a day for each employee can wind up being extremely helpful. Also remember the key here is value “add,” no amount of little extras will make a mediocre managed services offering more appealing.
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