Digital Signage Meets Managed Services

Digital Signage Meets Managed Services

Digital SignsDuring a recent stop at Dunkin' Donuts (my daily coffee run), I noticed new digital signage promoting local businesses and special offers for coffee. It dawned on me that digital signage is a great opportunity for managed service providers. Sure, you can sell Plasma TVs and large LCD screens to businesses, but the real money is in monthly content management services for those screens.

Skeptical? Consider this piece of news from BroadSign International Inc., which specializes in hosted software for digital signage networks.

BroadSign has launched a managed services platform to help digital signage network operators deploy and run their networks with minimal staff and maximum efficiency.

In a prepared statement, BroadSign Executive VP David Womeldorf said: "Our research shows that the digital signage industry is moving towards outsourcing network maintenance and other technical jobs, so the Managed Services is our answer to this clearly expressed need."

BroadSign's managed service platform covers such items as:

  • Scheduling Services
  • Network Monitoring Service
  • BroadSign Operating System Services
  • Dynamic Content Services
For managed service providers serving retail customers, digital signage represents a multitude of opportunities. For instance, MSPs can design and deploy digital signage systems that complement managed video surveillance systems, emerging point of sale solutions and so on.

To get a better feel for digital signage opportunities, check out Digital Signage Expo.

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