Desktop as a Service: Desktone Wins VDI Cloud Deal

Desktop as a Service: Desktone Wins VDI Cloud Deal

Desktone, Inc., a desktop as a service (DaaS) specialist, has caught its first major customer of 2011. Paladin Building Services, LLC, will use the DaaS provider's cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution as the company transitions from a thin client environment to a virtual one.

"DaaS is an ideal solution for businesses looking to realize the benefits of virtual desktops with out taking on the challenge of building a customized infrastructure solution," Desktone CEO Peter McKay said in a prepared statement.

Paladin works with hundreds of subcontractors throughout the U.S. to provide facilities maintenance services for the commercial, industrial and retail sectors, as well as residential buildings. The company has two main reasons for transitioning to  VDI solution. Firstly, it will save money on hiring in-house IT staff it would have had to hire to manage its servers. Secondly, Paladin will save time and money on building or buying new physical servers.

So why did Paladin choose Desktone? Desktone VP of Marketing and Product Management David Grant claimed Desktone can deliver a fully-functioning Microsoft Windows 7 virtual desktop and a fully-functioning Microsoft Linux virtual desktop in the cloud. That claim surfaced during my conversation with Grant back in November 2011.

The Windows 7 and Linux capabilities, along with Desktone's ability to deliver virtual desktops on mobile devices, likely contributed to Paladin's decision. But as we also mentioned in December 2011, other DaaS/VDI providers like Vyatta Inc., Integral Networks, Virtual Computer and RES Software are also planning cloud DaaS moves. We'll keep a look out for news from others in the VDI space.

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