DataCore Taps Hitachi to Monitor SANsymphony-V Environments

DataCore Software, a data storage virtualization software provider, has integrated Hitachi Data Systems' IT Operations Analyzer to provide detailed monitoring of DataCore's SANsymphony-V environments. Here's how it works.

Users can plug SANsymphony-V into Hitachi's IT Operations Analyzer. The Analyzer then requests all inventory data and updates from the storage hypervisor at regularly scheduled times. So when IT administrators are looking at their monitoring screens, the integrated solution is making sure that they're looking at the most updated information.

There are two main benefits for IT teams to having the most updated data constantly available:

  1. They always know about changes in resources.
  2. They can take faster action to solving problems, since they don't have to wait for the most updated information.
With the Hitachi integration, DataCore's IT users will also be able to see a more comprehensive shot of their entire data center through a single window, and they can use that frame to better understand how their infrastructure is working. The single shot users will now see includes all virtualized storage resources, servers, applications and networks. If all goes according to DataCore's plan, the added IT Operations Analyzer will help customers maintain availability and performance, and fix problems much faster than before.

DataCore's integration move with Hitachi addresses growing virtual server and virtual desktop enterprise deployments. DataCore lets IT administrators monitor every device in their data centers on a single screen in order to identify points of failure and resolve the problems before they impact customer productivity.

DataCore's partnership with Hitachi comes roughly four months after the company partnered with TwinStrata to develop a storage virtualization - cloud storage hybrid solution.




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