Continuum Vault BDR Targets 1000 Managed Services Providers

Continuum Vault BDR Targets 1000 Managed Services Providers

Continuum, as expected, launched the Continuum Vault backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform earlier this week, CEO Michael George (pictured) has confirmed. Developed in partnership with Datto, the Continuum Vault offering initially targets 1,000 managed services providers (MSPs) that have expressed interest in the new BDR platform.

The Continuum Vault launch is the latest evidence that Continuum (formerly Zenith RMM) has remained focused on its partner base despite some high-stress distractions in 2011. When Summit Partners acquired Zenith RMM from Zenith Infotech in September 2011, the news was largely overshadowed by a Zenith Infotech bond default.

But by December 2011, Zenith RMM had rebranded as Continuum, partnered with Datto and promised a BDR platform delivery by January 2012. Continuum delivered on that promise earlier this week.

Continuum CEO Michael George is quick to note that the Continuum Vault platform is based on proven technologies -- including Continuum's Remote Monitoring and Management platform, Datto's storage offering and StorageCraft's battle-hardened code, he added. Ironically, Continuum Vault seeks to compete with former parent Zenith Infotech's own BDR services, plus rival BDR offerings from the likes of Axcient.

Reality Checks

I don't know if the Continuum Vault platform works as advertised. Nor do I know how Continuum has performed financially since the company became a freestanding organization in September 2011. But here's an interesting stat: During a Continuum partner webcast a few days ago, roughly 94 percent of partners said Continuum is meeting or exceeding their expectations, according to VP of Marketing Steve Ricketts.

Ironically, I think the late December holiday season helped Continuum immensely. While the company remained heads-down on its fledgling Datto BDR partnership, the broader managed services industry unplugged a bit, and chatter surrounding the Zenith Infotech bond default died down a bit. Even before the holidays, Continuum repeatedly stated that it is an independent company, reassuring partners that Zenith Infotech's bond status would have zero impact on Continuum's own business.

Early Adopters

Roughly 1,000 MSPs in December expressed interest and early access to the new Continuum Vault solution. To meet that demand, Continuum and Datto focused heavily on cross-training. One example: Datto's team visited Continuum's NOC in Mumbai, India.

Earlier this week, Continuum began Continuum Vault shipments to those MSPs. "There's a pretty modest delay right now; we're working through the backlog now to make sure our MSPs receipt the units," said Continuum CEO Michael George.

The Other Battleground

Meanwhile, several MSP-centric software companies are trying to counter Continuum's integrated approach to managed services software and NOC (network operations center) services.

Level Platforms recently announced its own push beyond MSP software into NOC services. Plus, N-able Technologies has been building a close relationship with NetEnrich, another NOC specialist.

Still, Continuum's George points to his company's long track record in the NOC and managed services market. He says Continuum now has 450 NOC technicians who support nearly 500,000 endpoints for Continuum's MSP partner base.

Plus, Continuum now has the Vault solution to promote to its MSPs. Initially, the Continuum Vault effort will target North American MSPs, with an international push to follow down the road. Continuum's Ricketts notes that Datto has data centers in multiple countries, which means extending Continuum Vault to international markets won't require reinventing the wheel.
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