Continuum Management Team Earns MSP Respect

Continuum Management Team Earns MSP Respect

It has been roughly nine months since Summit Partners acquired Continuum (formerly Zenith RMM) from Zenith Infotech in September 2011. As part of that move, Continuum gained a new executive team featuring CEO Michael George. So how is Continuum performing so far for MSPs that need remote monitoring and NOC (network operations center) services? I gained some clues from CMIT Solutions, which operates a managed services franchise.

CMIT Solutions has continued to bet heavily on Continuum, and did not back away from the MSP software provider during some tense times for Continuum in late 2011. As you may recall, some MSPs in late 2011 were asking the following questions: Could Continuum...

  • enhance the RMM and NOC platforms, which sometimes had unpredictable upgrade schedules under former ownership?
  • avoid any fallout from a Zenith Infotech debt payment default, which happened right around the sale of Continuum to Summit Partners?

Reality Check

Fast forward to the present, and there are signs that Continuum has made good on its development promises to MSPs, while also steering clear of the Zenith Infotech debt discussion. From the get-go, Continuum CEO Michael George has maintained that his company is not associated with Zenith Infotech's debt situation -- and that message has gradually caught on with MSPs. Moreover, George and the Continuum management team personally met with CMIT Solutions and other MSPs to answer questions about the company's strategy and road map.

The net result: CMIT Solutions' franchise network continues to leverage Continuum to manage more than 15,000 devices, according to Mike Celayeta, director of product development at CMIT Solutions. I connected with Celayeta during this week's Rackspace Partner Leadership Council meeting in San Antonio, Texas. He spoke highly of the Continuum executive team, and the development team's ability to meet project deadlines.

Going forward, Celayeta is looking to blend IT and business management tools (like Continuum and Autotask) with cloud services from such companies as Rackspace. A year ago, I suspect, CMIT Solutions had some concern about its RMM platform. But it sounds like Continuum has been earning CMIT Solutions' respect and attention through face-to-face meetings and continued, predictable code upgrades.
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