ConnectWise Integrates Contact Science's Sales Prospecting

ConnectWise Integrates Contact Science's Sales Prospecting

Professional services automation (PSA) software vendor ConnectWise has added Contact Science to the list of third-party software vendors that integrate with its platform. Contact Science's Klpz telephone prospecting and sales tools is now integrated with ConnectWise. What does this mean for MSPs? We'll reveal the details.

MSPs can expect the latest Klpz integration to enable sales professionals to set more initial appointments in less time, and design, implement and manage a comprehensive, sustainable, metrics-based telephone prospecting program, according to Contact Science. Leads flow directly into Klpz enabling the a sales team to contact them. Contacts that are qualified are then synched into ConnectWise, continuing the sales process. The two systems are expected to "improve the flow of prospects into the sales pipeline, improve organization and efficiency, and enable sales departments to manage hundreds of leads and targets simultaneously."

ConnectWise Community Director Jeannine Edwards said the integrated solution will help partners improve their sales processes. "ConnectWise partners who use Klpz with ConnectWise should see an increase in efficient sales prospecting and improved performance at setting those initial meetings that lead to new customers," she said in a prepared statement. "Few companies automate the time-consuming process of telephone prospecting because, until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive solution to do so."

ConnectWise partners looking to learn more about telephone prospecting programs can participate in Contact Science's web-based course. To learn more about ConnectWise's suite of business automation and IT integration tools, visit the company's website.

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