CompTIA Prepares April 2011 Managed Services Effort

CompTIA, which acquired MSP Partners in 2009, is making some adjustments and preparing some new moves that should surface by April 2011. Specifically, CompTIA is preparing a "managed services industry credential" that seeks to help top MSPs stand out from the masses. Interestingly, CompTIA does not use the term "accreditation" or "certification" to describe the forthcoming industry credential. Here's the update.

First, a little history. MSP Partners was a vendor-led consortium launched by Level Platforms and other major high-tech companies looking to promote and educate the managed services ecosystem. To its credit, MSP Partners helped to raise the MSP industry's visibility through education, research, events and vendor-sponsored programs. MSP Partners also dabbled briefly in accreditation, but the effort ruffled some feathers over at MSPAlliance, the industry's oldest and largest managed services association.

Fast forward to the present. Under CompTIA's ownership, MSP Partners is planning some changes. "The managed services industry credential is an initiative of our managed services community," wrote Jim Hamilton, senior director of member relations at CompTIA. "It is scheduled to be launched in April at AMM and is designed as an organizational credential as a means of differentiating established MSPs, and helping budding MSPs improve their business based on best practices.  It is led by an advisory council comprised of the industry's best and brightest and further developed and defined by a group of 12 SMEs. There's lots more to come, but those are the headlines for now."

It's good to hear from Hamilton. He played a key role in MSP Partners' development, and its transition into CompTIA. I look forward to hearing more in April. In the meantime, I'm not quite sure what the new CompTIA "industry credential" for managed services providers will involve. But if I had to offer a guess, I suspect it will somehow resemble CompTIA's Security Trustmark, which identifies solutions providers that follow best practices. But that's just my hunch...

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