Cloud Encryption: Ascent Data Centers Leverage Certes Networks

Cloud Encryption: Ascent Data Centers Leverage Certes Networks

Certes Networks Company BannerAscent Data , a secure data center provider, is launching an encryption service called Ascent DataGuard. The service leverages technology from Certes Networks, a multi-layer encryption specialist. As MSPs prepare for 2012, encryption now seems to be a required service, rather than a "nice to have" security add-on. Here's why.

The Ascent DataGuard service provides encryption for data-in-motion as it travels across wide area networks and cloud infrastructures, according to Ascent. This is part of a growing trend. Even in the SMB market, MSP software providers are adding encryption services to their email, storage and collaboration offerings.

Ascent believes its encryption service will give businesses peace of mind as they migrate on-premise data to private or public cloud environments.

So what's in it for Certes? In short, more visibility and widespread adoption of its encryption platform. Certes has had a busy few months. The company in September introduced an Encryption Starter Kit for a $1,000 flat fee.



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