Cloud Computing: Get Ready for Bring Your Own Cloud

Take a look through MSPmentor, and you'll discover that we've covered bring your own device, bring your own technology, bring your own applications, but not bring your own cloud. Yet. (By the way, if you're looking to name a new bring your own trend, you're slowly running out of letters.) Managed services provider Logicalis recently warned chief information officers about this emerging trend and how its effects will play out in the industry. How can you avoid the pitfalls of BYOC? Here are some tips.

Businesses are taking advantage of the BYOC movement through various free cloud solutions, ignoring firewalls established by IT. These solutions are going unchecked and paving the way for "poorly managed end-user cloud purchases and deployments [which] make for fragmented, redundant, unmanaged, and inefficient cloud-based outsourcing decisions with little or no input from IT," according to the company. To avoid these issues, Logicalis offered four important steps for MSPs to help mitigate this IT crisis:

  • Consult -- Identify and define the needs of your clients. Afterward, match a cloud strategy to those needs, and develop a plan that makes sense now and that includes a roadmap for the future.
  • Build -- Create a customized cloud solution. Solutions should be tailored to the needs of each client. Decide if the solution needs to be public, private or hybrid.
  • Operate -- Determine where cloud solutions will reside. How will they will be operated? From where will they be operated ?
  • Manage -- Who will manage the cloud solution that's been created? Who on your staff will take on this role? Be sure to identify all the resources that will need to be allocated to do the job right.
"We’ve managed to move from physical to virtual, which introduced virtual sprawl, and now from virtual to cloud," said Logicalis Cloud and Data Center Solutions Senior Director Kevin Gruneisen, in a statement. "But without proper management and strategies in place, moving to the cloud in an unchecked manner will result in cloud sprawl and a less relevant IT organization overall."

Logicalis released its fourth annual Top 10 Tech Trends to Watch study a week ago. The company conducted the study in December 2012, looking for insights into what CIOs and CTOs in the IT industry are saying on social networks. The study analyzed social media conversations between CIOs and CTOs in the industry to help identify important buzzwords and trends. The top 10 topics included discussions about managed services including mobile device management.
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