Cloud Backup: Selling Storage as a Managed Service

Despite the existence of sophisticated, robust data backup solutions, large number of SMBs are still backing up their data with outdated technologies that do an incomplete job and leave them prone to data loss.

A new study from online data backup solution provider Carbonite indicates that SMBs are well behind the curve in how they select, spend on and deploy mission-critical data backup systems.

Antiques are Not Valuable When it Comes to Data Backup

Although a whole genre of reality shows promotes the value of antiques that lay hidden in attics and storage lockers, antique data backup solutions provide no value whatsoever. Yet many SMBs still use outdated and unreliable data backup technology.

For example, 50 percent of SMBs use external hard drives, even though 20 percent who back up their data do so due to a hard drive failure. Another 42 percent use USB/flash drives because of their perceived ease of use, although only 6 percent think they are reliable. And more than one-third of SMBs back up data on CDs or DVDs, despite the fact that close to two-thirds (62 percent) find them inconvenient and/or risky.

SMBs Save Now, Pay Later

SMBs also show surprisingly short-term thinking when it comes to paying (or not paying) for data backup. Twenty-one percent of SMBs use free products, which generally only hold up to 2 GB of data, leaving them vulnerable to storage failure. And while only 22 percent use outside assistance for data backup, about 40 percent spend an hour a week of valuable time tending to backup-related activities, and 6 percent spend more than five hours a week. Still, only 24 percent of survey respondents said they had backed up data in the past day, and another 24 percent had not backed up data in the past week.

MSPs Can Move SMB Data Backup Forward

MSPs are perfectly suited to bring SMBs’ outdated data backup practices forward. By providing more sophisticated and robust data backup technologies, such as cloud-based solutions with flexible storage and payment options, on a managed services basis, MSPs can enable SMBs to affordably back up their data in a safe and modern manner. MSPs can also save time-starved SMBs valuable man-hours that would otherwise be dedicated to performing data backup tasks.

Data backup is a routine chore that tends to get less attention than many other business processes. Yet it is among the most vital tasks for any business of any size, as recovering lost data is a hugely expensive and time-consuming activity, and permanent data loss leads to permanent negative impact on the business. MSPs should pay data backup the attention it deserves, and make sure their SMB clients do, as well.

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