Client Heartbeat Benchmark Tool Boasts Autotask Integration

Client Heartbeat Benchmark Tool Boasts Autotask Integration

gordonYou may not yet be be familiar with the customer satisfaction benchmarking tool Client Heartbeat, but the Australian company is making some inroads with big players in the managed services space. For instance, the company announced an integration with professional services management (PSA) and business management platform provider ConnectWise at the end of March. We wanted to know more, so we reached out to Client Heartbeat Founder Gordon Tan (pictured) to get a heads-up on the software's upcoming update, as well as another integration announcement. Here's the scoop.

But first, a quick review of how the tool works. Client Heartbeat shows MSPs how they compare with rivals but surveying end-customers with a list of customer satisfaction questions.  MSPs choose questions from a crowdsourced list; the software will then send surveys at regular intervals; an analysis is performed, comparing your business to others in the industry. You also get reports of clients that may be at risk due to recent answers and behaviors.

What should you know about Client Heartbeat?

Tan told MSPmentor that in addition to its ConnectWise integration, it has also integrated with Autotask, another professional services automation platform provider to its integration list. Here are some facts from Tan:
  • the company has active clients in the United States, U.K., and Australia;
  • it is adding 10 clients a week;
  • Tan expects the company to reach 70 active clients by the end of May;
  • it only recently launched -- January 2013; and
  • has five employees.

What's can users look for with Client Heartbeat version 2.0?

Tan gave us a sneak peak at Client Heartbeat's upgrade, which he expects to be launched at the end of Q2. It will include the following updates:
  • expanded testimonial capabilities -- publish testimonials automatically to an MSP's company profile on LinkedIn;
  • integration additions -- Tan said the company is looking at a possible Yelp integration;
  • benchmark data through various groups -- add MSPs into private groups for benchmarking reasons.
"We want to make it as easy a possible for MSPs to sit-down with their team to compare themselves to others in the industry," Tan said. "We've focused on effectively putting your referral marketing and lead generation on autopilot."
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