Cisco Nearing Managed Services Launch

I got a solid -- make that rock solid -- tip today that Cisco Systems will announce its managed services strategy any day now. As one source close to the company told me, "the strategy is finally fully baked."

If I was a betting man (I'm not...), I would expect Cisco to announce the strategy within a couple of weeks. Originally, I had expected an announcement in mid-October. But apparently, the announcement slipped a few weeks.

Still, there's some good news here for managed service platform providers as well as MSPs. Cisco, as I reported a few weeks ago, does not intend to compete with you. Instead, the company will revamp its product pricing so VARs are better able to manage cash flow and customer billing over the lifetime of a managed services contract, from what I'm hearing.

I've asked Cisco again -- and again -- if the company intends to compete with Autotask, ConnectWise, Level Platforms, N-able and the rest of the MSP platform market. The definitive answer -- over and over again -- was a clear "no."

We'll offer more perspective on Cisco's strategy as soon as the strategy is announced in the next few weeks.

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