Cisco Memo to MSPs: You Can Trust Cisco OnPlus Service

Cisco Memo to MSPs: You Can Trust Cisco OnPlus Service

When Cisco Systems launched the Cisco OnPlus Service for MSPs and VARs a few weeks ago, some MSPmentor readers wondered if Cisco would use the network monitoring service to gather end-customer data -- and potentially bypass MSPs. In response, Cisco has vowed not to poach MSPs' end-customer information. Here's the statement.

In a comment posted on MSPmentor, Cisco Business Development Manager Lisa Jenkins explained how the Cisco OnPlus Service -- which runs in the cloud -- monitors end-customer networks without putting the MSP-customer relationship at risk. Jenkins wrote:

"Cisco OnPlus Service has access to the aggregate info, not the individual customer info. Our Terms and conditions spell out the details. We also have a white paper posted about our security implementation if there are any questions regarding data security."
Cisco has also launched a support community for OnPlus.

If Cisco OnPlus works as advertised, it's a refreshing approach for VARs and MSPs. Over the past year or two, many channel partners have expressed concerns about sharing or storing customer data in third-party clouds. Microsoft's Office 365 cloud, in particular, has attracted plenty of partner debate since Microsoft directly manages end-customer billing and pricing.

Cisco is striving to position OnPlus somewhere between traditional RMM (remote monitoring and management) software and PSA (professional services automation) software. Cisco has publicly stated that it will integrate with established managed services software rather than compete with such tools.

The networking giant offered HTG Peer Group members early access to the Cisco OnPlus Service, and officially launched the service a few weeks ago.
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