Cisco Creating Managed Video Surveillance Opportunities

Less than 24-hours after warning Wall Street about a revenue slowdown, Cisco Systems flexed its financial muscle. The company is investing $100 million to help VARs and managed service providers more effectively target small businesses with 100 or few employees.

You'll find complete details on our sister site, But stay here for a moment and consider this: Backed by Cisco, there's an emerging MSP opportunity that combines video surveillance, storage and WiFi.

We've had video surveillance on our managed services hype cycle -- which identifies emerging maket opportunities.

We think video surveillance is a huge opportunity for MSPs that can remotely manage pan/tit/zoom WiFi cameras, video feeds, video storage and retrieval, etc.

Cisco's first small business products (video surveillance, storage and WiFi) are slated to ship later this year.

Plus: There's an opportunity to combine video surveillance with physical building/facility security.

Or are we misreading the market? I'm all ears.

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