Chicago MSP Expands Mac OS Managed Services

Chicago MSP Expands Mac OS Managed Services

Forget Computers, a Chicago-based MSP, continues to expand its Mac-centric managed services. Specifically, Forget Computers has launched Supplemental Mac Service for IT Pros, which is designed to help Windows-based IT professionals to improve their Mac support offerings. Here are some quick details.

As you may recall, MSPmentor spotted Forget Computers in October 2009 and noted that the company was among North America's few Mac-centric MSPs. Since that time, Forget Computers has been featured by JAMF Software as a leading MSP supporting Mac customers.

Now, Forget Computers has created a service package built especially for Windows-based IT pros who want to improve their Mac support offering. A core component of this, but also a separate focus, is helping IT Pros secure and enforce compliance on the Mac OS, according to Forget Computers' Ben Greiner.

In an email to MSPmentor, Greiner notes:

"As you are aware, the MSP Mac side of things is not as mature as the Windows side, but we believe we're leading change in a positive direction! We're ready to deliver the Standard Supplemental Mac Service for IT Pros package TODAY. We're still working on refining the Premium feature set. We're looking for a few clients to help us pilot this program and are willing to discount the Premium package in return for feedback and the opportunity to promote the anticipated success. If you know of anyone interested, or if you need more information from me to promote this, please let me know.
No doubt, Wind0ws-centric PCs and mobile devices continue to dominate the managed services world. But during the recent CompTIA Breakaway conference, Intel Worldwide Sales Operations VP Greg Pearson called on MSPs and channel partners to increasingly support multiple mobile platforms. Without naming names, it was clear Pearson was referring to Mac OS, iPad, iPhone and Google Android-type devices.

MSPmentor has noticed quite a few MSPs armed with iPads during recent industry conferences. And most of the major MSP-centric software companies are writing iPad apps and/or supporting remote management of Mac devices.

But Forget Computers still seems to be the rare MSP betting its business on Apple.

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