CharTec Launches New Backup, Disaster Recovery (BDR) Platform for Partners

CharTec, the hardware as a service (HaaS) specialist, has introduced a new backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform for its managed service providers and channel partners. Chartec's new BDR platform features additional hardware stacks, a hardware upgrade, remote monitoring and management (RMM) and more memory.

The cost of the new platform won't go up for Chartec partners -- its just an upgrade that CharTec will be conducting on the back-end of its clients' environments as part of CharTec's effort to "beef-up existing solutions to handle more workload," according to CharTec Chief Operating Officer Shane Swanson. "The biggest aspect is that we've integrated ShadowProtect so that Chartec partners can virtualize most servers in less than 30 minutes," he said. CharTec's previous BRD platform virtualized services at roughly 2-3 minutes per gigabyte.

CharTec had been working with StorageCraft on ShadowProtectect 4.1 for the last six months or so. CharTec Lead Development Engineer John Bair led the effort to integrate 4.1 with Chartec's new BDR platform. "For all our partners, the concern is that their BDR is running and able to virtualize," said Bair. To that end, CharTec has created a web portal that clients can use to see which BDRs are having issues. "They [clients] decide if they need assistant to get the BDR working," Bair added. "And it gives us insight into the overall health of all of our BDRs."

The BDR and cloud storage market is filled with competitors such as  Zenith Infotech and eFolder. "Pretty much all of us have a good solution when its working properly. The challenge here is eliminating downtime," said Rogers while pointing out that CharTec's new BDR platform has a Doyenz agent that picks up where clients left off in terms of moving data from a BDR platform to the cloud in the event of an Internet outage.

CharTec also has a "trade-in, trade-up" program through which partners can either return the servers they outgrow to CharTec for a new server, or purchase a new BDR platform and sign a new agreement. Chartec Corporate Marketing Director Monique Rogers noted that CharTec has the largest training facility in North America where the company teaches its partners how to price and sell CharTec's BDR solution. Finally, CharTec will soon offer web-based training videos and a CharTec Peer Community Forum.

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