Careful of the Managed Security Hype

It's great to know you're competing in a growing market, but sometimes big-picture hype can distract you from regional and local opportunities.

A prime example: The worldwide managed security market will exceed $4.8 billion by 2013, predicts Global Industry Analysts Inc. Impressive, but the report focuses mainly on Fortune 500-type organizations (AT&T, Cisco Systems, etc.) and their managed security services for massive customers.

For the typical regional or local managed service provider, it's important to dig deeper into the report to see what security trends you can leverage and apply to your own customers.

For instance, the report says we're witnessing a shift towards intrusion prevention systems (IPS) from the conventional intrusion detection systems (IDS). Plus, MSPs are evolving beyond traditional anti-virus/anti-spam services to help customers combat pharming, phishing, phlooding and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), the report claims.

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