Can MSPs Predict Cloud Outages? (Increasingly Yes; Here's How)

Can MSPs Predict Cloud Outages? (Increasingly Yes; Here's How)

Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine both suffered cloud services outages in recent days. MSPs, meanwhile, are striving to offer cloud monitoring services. But can managed services providers actually predict a third-party cloud outage -- and put customers on alert -- before the outage happens? In some cases the answer is yes.

First, some background: Many first-generation cloud monitoring tools basically tell customers whether a service is on or off. That's not very valuable. But new approaches are emerging. A case in point: Last week Boundary -- which develops cloud-based monitoring tools -- spotted Amazon's cloud problems roughly two hours before Amazon sent an alert out to customers. Chris Talbot recapped the situation a bit more closely on Talkin' Cloud.

Boundary is no stranger to mission-critical monitoring capabilities. CEO Gary Read formerly ran Nimsoft, the monitoring software company that CA Technologies acquired.

Most major MSP software companies -- commonly known as RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tool providers -- are enhancing their SMB platforms to monitor cloud services. But keep an eye on the next generation of players as well. From Boundary to Monitis (owned by GFI Software), a growing number of companies are introducing cloud monitoring tools and services.

Telling a customer whether a cloud service is on or off is no longer the point. Proactively predicting an outage -- and routing customers to alternative cloud services -- is the next big opportunity.

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