CA AppLogic Gains Cloud Services Momentum With MSPs

Novatrend is the latest hosting and managed services provider (MSP) to embrace CA Technologies's AppLogic platform for cloud services. The news surfaces as roughly 100 MSPs prepare to attend CA Technologies' MSP Symposium (Miami, Jan. 29-31). In recent months, a growing number of MSPs have embraced AppLogic. Here's why.

First, let's take a look at the Novatrend win. Novatrend is leveraging AppLogic to run NovaCloud -- a scalable, cloud-hosting service that lets customers design and deliver virtualized business services in hours, according to Novatrend CTO Michael Brunner.

"The CA AppLogic platform provides faster provisioning of applications, which allows us to more rapidly deliver services, while minimizing our go-to-market costs," Brenner said in a prepared statement while outlining several different problems with other MSP cloud offerings, including limited performance and availability of dedicated servers in the cloud, and slow response times during peak hours.

NovaCloud customers can adjust their resources and cloud capacity to meet their specific needs, all through a single business portal. In the end, NovaCloud users will only have to pay for the cloud capacity they are using at that particular time. And if they need to scale up, they can pay for more capacity as needed.

This is becoming a familiar trend. Back in November 2011, ViaWest -- one of the largest privately held data center provides in the U.S. -- also standardized on AppLogic for its cloud strategy.

Back at CA Technologies, the company has been working overtime to gain mind share among MSPs and cloud services providers. CA Technologies Senior Director of sales Chris Goodman spoke with MSPmentor in October 2011 about some of the strategy. CA now sells multiple cloud services and managed services platforms for MSPs.

It sounds like CA is gaining momentum with MSPs and CSPs. But it's also important to keep the momentum in perspective. As of late 2011, AppLogic's installed base involved around 60 MSPs and cloud services providers -- not a huge figure, but the number seems to be climbing steadily each month. And each win typically involves a pretty big name in the data center or managed services market.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.




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