Bomgar Develops Collaborative Remote Consoles for iPhone, Android

Bomgar Develops Collaborative Remote Consoles for iPhone, Android

Bomgar Company LogoBomgar has developed remote support consoles for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets that it plans to release in January 2012. Bomgar's specialty is appliance-based remote support. With this expanded mobile effort, MSPs will be able to handle several support sessions at once and work with in-house and external support representatives in the same session.

Bomgar's collaborative remote support consoles can be used with the Bomgar Appliance so that technicians and support staff can keep the information they share during a session behind their own firewall. The alternative is to pass data through a third-party server, which significantly increases the possibility of data leakage, Bomgar says.

Here's a list of the capabilities that MSPs can leverage by using one of Bomgar's new collaborative remote support consoles on their iPhones or Android smartphones and tablets:

  • Start a remote support session from a mobile device;
  • remotely view and share screens with end-users;
  • collaborate with second and third parties to get issues resolved;
  • simultaneously work on multiple sessions;
  • access and support attended and unattended devices; and
  • keep all data and recordings within a session saved behind a company's firewall
The announcement comes shortly after Bomgar started offering remote support features for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.
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