Bocada Releases 'Vision' for Data Protection in Virtual Environments

Bocada, a data protection specialist, is taking its business into virtual environments with the new Bocada Vision solution. Vision is a DPSM (data protection service management) solution designed to protect information in virtual environments.

The solution can:

  • Reveal backup results by snapshot and by location.
  • Create a single report for multiple virtual servers in order to show how virtual machines (VMs) are protected and to help find non-protected VMs.
  • Give a field level view into what makes up the VM.
  • Help IT admins understand capacity use by showing which VMs are located on tape and finding disk solutions that have snapshots or backups.
Current users of the Bocada Prism can integrate Bocada Vision with the Prism. As you may recall, Bocada integrated the Prism with various ticketing systems in July, 2011. The Prism-Vision integration will allow clients to bridge the gap between data protection in physical and virtual environments, according to Bocada Product Marketing Manager Ralph Wynn. Bocada plans to sell the Vision solution to the same MSP customers that it targeted with the Prism.

Vision also gives users a full health check of its entire virtual infrastructure. It gives an overview of all jobs being performed and color codes them by their status. The solution will begin with support for virtual servers from three of Bocada's top partners: VMware, Quest Software and Veeam.

Vision will be integrated into the VMware Vcenter and will support VMware's vDataRecovery solution. Initially, that will be the main support focus of Vision. Vision will also support the vRanger Pro solution from Quest Software and the Veeam Backup & Replication solution.
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