Azaleos Expands Managed Sharepoint Services in the Cloud

Azaleos Corp., a managed services provider that focuses heavily on Microsoft applications, is expanding its managed SharePoint services within private cloud environments. Specifically, Azaleos has developed two new enterprise-class services specifically for big businesses that want to deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2010 without putting any local IT management services into place.

Here's a breakdown of Azaleos' two new SharePoint services.

  1. SharePoint Starter Edition: Built for either smaller enterprises or branches and departments within large enterprises. It's designed to get a simpler version of a managed SharePoint system in place as fast as possible.
  2. SharePoint Core Edition: Targeted at larger enterprises that are a putting collaboration system in place for the very first time. It comes with a pre-designed set of functions to help these enterprises learn how to use managed SharePoint services as efficiently as possible.
"With our new three tiered offerings -- SharePoint Starter Edition, SharePoint Core Edition and the existing SharePoint Premier Edition -- Azaleos can get the implementation done right the first time and keep the system working smoothly as new users and SharePoint apps come online," Azaleos VP of Product Management and Marketing Scott Gode said in a prepared statement.

Gode considers SharePoint's complex architecture a bonus for Azaleos, as more companies are interested in outsourcing SharePoint management. The new offerings Azaleos has introduced only expand upon the range of business customers than Azaleos can now target.

The announcement is the first we've heard from Azaleos in 2012 after a busy 2011. Last year, the unified communications provider developed a managed services software development software kit and launched a hybrid cloud environment UC offering for Microsoft Office 365.



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