Axcient Virtualizes Entire SMB Networks In the Cloud

Axcient Virtualizes Entire SMB Networks In the Cloud

What if you could take a blueprint of an entire SMB (small and midsize business) network and reproduce it (or virtualize it) in the cloud for safe keeping? That's the concept behind the latest Axcient Cloud Continuity upgrade. Axcient claims the updated cloud service allows SMBs to launch complete virtual offices in the cloud if the primary network goes down.

In some ways, Axcient competes in the BDR (backup and disaster recovery) market against emerging software and cloud storage companies, especially those that engage MSPs (managed services providers). But in other ways, Axcient is thinking bigger -- taking aim at big installed bases of backup software, such as Symantec Backup Exec.

Axcient CEO Justin Moore claims the updated Axcient Cloud Continuity service is "instantaneous," firing up applications and data in the cloud in roughly the time that it takes a server to reboot. During a phone call last night, Moore described how the Cloud Continuity service essentially takes a snapshot of an SMB's entire network configuration/topology, and then reproduces it in the Axcient Cloud.

According to a prepared statement:

"Users can establish secure connectivity between virtual and physical offices and fail back faster through concurrent restoration of servers. Advancements also bring the ultimate usability to IT providers, with additional user controls, alerts, and reports."
Axcient is playing a high-stakes game in the cloud storage market. The company recently hired John Finegan, a CFO who has extensive IPO (initial public offering) experience. I believe Axcient has raised about $35 million to date (I'm on a flight; actual figures not handy).

Another recent hire is Director of Business Operations Elias Dayeh. He previously was director of business operations at Motorola Mobility (which Google acquired), where Dayeh oversaw the strategy and rollout of third-party party Software Bill of Materials as well as a implementation.

I don't have a feel for Axcient's march to profitability, overall revenues or burn rate. But the continued R&D rollouts, venture capital and strategic hires suggest the company remains focused on aggressive growth.


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