Avaya Updates Managed Services Offering for Mid-Market

It’s been a full year since communications technology specialist Avaya first introduced its own managed services offering targeted at enterprise customers and led by managed services veteran Ed Nalbandian. So how has this new service fared over the past 12 months, and what’s next for Avaya in the managed services market? We caught up with Nalbandian, VP of Avaya Operations Services, to ask him just those questions. Here’s the scoop.

Avaya’s MSP business, which lets customers outsource infrastructure, has doubled its sales over the last year, Nalbandian told me.  Apparently Avaya’s new service has struck a chord with enterprise customers. Nalbandian told me that he’s seen a “very strong” market reaction and Avaya is currently hiring “very aggressively” to keep up with the demand.

So why the big interest? Nalbandian, who in his previous life was credited with building Cognizant into services giant, believes that clients are looking to vendors and others to reduce complexity.  “Cloud, managed services, utility models. When you come right down to it clients are looking to a different way to acquire their technology,” he said.

A year later Avaya is also now refining its offerings and reducing the complexity even more to appeal to a new market segment -- mid-market customers. With that in mind the company has introduced two new offerings, COS Express (COS stands for Communications Outsourcing Solutions) and Managed Assist.

COS Express and Managed Assist

COS Express is a more standard version of the enterprise offering. Previously offered for call center technology, Avaya is adding a version for unified communications. The Express versions offer the same utility and opex benefits, Nalbandian said.

Avaya will sell COS Express directly to clients and through its reseller channel partners. And in some cases VARs are reselling the offering and helping to provide some of the service, according to Nalbandian.

Avaya’s second new offering is Managed Assist, designed for smaller enterprise clients looking to reduce costs but not ready to move to new technology. “We are seeing a huge demand for clients who want an MSP to run those infrastructures.”

And what else might be coming from Avaya in terms of managed services news in 2013. Stay tuned for some big customer announcements and some cloud-based services announcements as well as enhancements on the video managed services side of things. You can also expect to hear more about how Avaya will leverage its acquisition of Radvision.
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