Avanade: Tablets, Consumer Tech Driving Enterprise Change

Is the widespread use of consumer technologies in the enterprise affecting traditional ways of doing business? An Avanade global survey revealed that businesses are enabling consumer technologies, resulting in an impact on traditional ways of doing business. Results showed that businesses are more focused on employee-driven technologies, instead of enterprise-driven. Here are the results.

The company surveyed nearly 600 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 19 countries on the topic. The study found that executives are no longer basing technology purchases on corporate needs and objectives. Instead, companies are now embracing consumer technologies:

  • More than 61 percent reported that the majority of their employees now use personal computing devices in the workplace.
  • 33 percent reported that the majority of their employees use tablets for basic work tasks.
  • In addition, 33 percent reported that report the majority of their employees are using tablets for advanced business purposes such as CRM, project management, content creation and data analysis.
Companies that are redesigning how work gets done around these new trends are "progressive" companies, according to Avanade. These companies have revealed the following:
  • 71 percent surveyed have changed at least one business process.
  • 20 percent reported that they have changed four or more business processes to capitalize on the rise of mobility and consumer technologies at work.
  • These companies are 73 percent more likely to generate more sales through the use of their collaboration tools.
  • Companies that have adopted emerging mobile and consumer technologies are 54 percent more likely to report increased profits.
"The nature of work and how business gets done is going through a transformation. Consumer technologies in the workplace are a significant catalyst for this transformation," said Avanade Global Service Lines Executive Vice President Mick Slattery in a statement. "Executives are capitalizing on the opportunity these technologies offer by adjusting business processes and updating policies with measurable results in areas such as customer service, profitable growth, happier employees and bringing new products and services to market faster."

Avanade's research also found a gap between business leaders and IT regarding the role of mobile technologies in the enterprise, a gap that needs to be closed. This disconnect limits the possibility of implementing the most recent technology for enterprises. Close the gap and positive results will be obtained.

More than 37 percent of these companies are more than likely to report improved employee satisfaction.

Avanade, a joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft, recently acquired Azaleos, a top Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) managed services provider, as well as an MSPmentor 100 company, focused on Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and mobile device management (MDM). Both Avanade and Azaleos are located in Seattle, and each company has leaders who are Microsoft veterans. The deal involved about 200 Azaleos employees who joined Avanade.
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