Autotask Community Live: Five Questions Worth Asking

Autotask Community Live: Five Questions Worth Asking

Autotask Community Live (June 10-12, Orlando) is expected to attract roughly 700 managed services providers (MSPs) and technology company leaders. Autotask CEO Mark Cattini has spent the past year putting his stamp on the company, raising $6 million for an international expansion strategy, localizing Autotask's SaaS platform worldwide and exiting the VARStreet business. So what's next for Autotask and its MSP community? Here are five questions worth asking...

1. Localization Momentum: Yes, Autotask now has multiple localized SaaS versions across Europe and Asia. But where is Autotask seeing the strongest adoption, and how are those dollars being re-invested in the U.S. partner base?

2. Open Wide: Cattini last year promised to ensure Autotask has an:

  • open front end, allowing it to support all major web browers
  • open back end, allowing Autotask to integrate with a range of MSP-oriented software and services
So how have those efforts performed so far? How many MSPs use browsers other than Internet Explorer (for which Autotask was originally designed). And how are Autotask integrations in new directions coming along?

3. The Community: Autotask's community leadership shifted from former Senior VP Jay McBain (now at ChannelEyes) to Len DiCostanzo (senior VP, Community and Business Development) in the August 2011 timeframe. DiCostanzo has always worked closely with the Autotask community. But what trends and shifts has he seen emerge in the past few months?

4. Technology Partners: Platinum event partners come from a range of markets, and each player has a timely story to share. Here's what we'll be asking...
  • Cisco Systems: How is the Cisco OnPlus Service for MSPs coming along? Any new milestones?
  • Continuum: The former Zenith RMM has rapidly built its own brand in the managed services market, promoting RMM, network operations center (NOC) and now storage services to MSPs. How are the Datto and LogMeIn relationships performing so far, and what additional relationships might CEO Michael George be pursuing? (Note: George has previously hinted that Continuum may pursue acquisitions.)
  • Intronis: The cloud storage and online backup company recently raised nearly $4 million in new funding. I'm wondering if or when Intronis will extend its platform to manage storage across tablets and more...
  • Level Platforms: CEO Peter Sandiford recently offered some updated views on cloud management, particularly as it relates to Office 365 management. Is that message starting to catch on with MSPs? We'll be checking.
  • Zenith Infotech: The company continues to promote SmartStyle Computing, Vu TelePresence, Zenith BDR and MirrorCloud Business Continuity to MSPs. How are those efforts performing amid Zenith Infotech's efforts to settle a bond default with investors?
5. The Autotask Roadmap: Here the names to know are Adam Stewart (VP of engineering, Autotask), Pat Burns (VP of product management) and Joe Rourke (director of product management). I'm wondering where Steward, Burns and Rourke will take Autotask's platform next?

Bonus -- Investment Dollars: Autotask quietly raised $6 million in December 2011 to drive international expansion plans. Those funds helped Autotask's localized SaaS development. But where else might Autotask be investing that money? I'll ask Cattini.

If you're attending Autotask Community Live and want to grab my ear, feel free to post a comment or email me: Joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.
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