Asigra V12 Provides Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Virtual DR

Asigra V12 Provides Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Virtual DR

Cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider Asigra last week released version 12 of its platform which includes for the first time cloud-to-cloud backup and virtual disaster recovery, basically supporting both SaaS and PaaS. In addition the new version offers support for virtual disaster recovery and also provides a single consolidated repository for enterprise data, simplifying a backup environment that has often been comprised of diverse devices, applications, platforms and geographic locations.

The new version is designed to remove the complexity and challenges that came with that type of repository environment, according to Pavan Vyas, product marketing manager with Asigra. He told MSPmentor that “the problem with that old approach was that it added a lot of complexity...You have these islands of data protection coming up, but no overall view.”

New features include the following:

  • Cloud-2-Cloud Backup - Asigra Cloud Backup can now protect the complete database, including accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, and custom objects. When recovery is required, users have the option of recovering just the data or can recover both the schema and data. Users retain control of their backup data and maintain security with AES 256 encryption in-flight and at-rest.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Recovery - Asigra Cloud Backup v12 ican backup and recover all enterprise data into a single repository. This includes support for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops, Android/iPad tablets, iPhones, and Android smartphones. Enhancements include support for non-rooted Android devices for complete recovery of call logs, settings, applications, SD card data, calendar, alarm clock settings, music, SMS/MMS communications, bookmarks, photos and videos.
  • High-performance Snapshot Support - Support for snapshots is included in version 12. New capabilities include protection of large data sets (Big Data) using storage snapshots and a no-cost snapshot manager interface to catalog, configure and manage snapshots.
  • Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery – Protection against virtual machine failures with backup copies of VMs and instant activation of backup copies. Remote site protection is provided with backup of VMs to offsite data center(s) with continued business operations as data is recovered to primary site.
Asigra version 12 also provides backup and recovery of data in IBM’s SmartCloud. A snapshot manager feature provides administrators with a simple view of all the data and where it is stored. Vyas says that there are no additional software licensing fees for this application data backup.

Version 12 also adds virtual disaster recovery to the mix with DR for VMware environments.  Service providers can retain a virtual copy that can instantly be turned on in case of a virtual machine failure. If an entire site goes down, Asigra has built in remote disaster recovery capabilities enabling the service provider to configure the backup VM so it spins up a copy of the server on a remote server in the cloud.

“The customer could continue to operate even as recovery to the original site is in process,” Vyas said.
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