Asigra Unveils Cloud Backup Technical Certification Program

Asigra Unveils Cloud Backup Technical Certification Program

Last week's Asigra Cloud Backup Summit set the stage for a host of news from the cloud backup, recovery and restore (BURR) software provider, including an Asigra Cloud Backup Technical Certification Program. Asigra says this is the industry's first tiered cloud backup certification program to be offered by a cloud software provider. Here's the scoop.

Offered through the Asigra Training services, the program covers the entire Asigra Cloud Backup product suite, and is powered by Artisan Infrastructure. Asigra says that the new program will improve the industry by validating and certifying those who have achieved a certain level of technical competency.

Asigra points out that there is a link between employee certification and overall employee efficiency and productivity. IDC research shows that organizations with 40 percent to 55 percent of their team members certified performed above the average of all organizations. IDC also says that well-trained teams in IT are 10 percent more productive and could account for $70,000 worth of improvement annually for a seven person team.

Asigra's Certification Program is divided into four levels: Asigra Certified Associate (ACA), Asigra Certified Technician (ACT), Asigra Certified Engineer (ACE) with specialization and Asigra Certified Instructor (ACI).  All levels require that students participate in a blend of in-class and e-learning sessions. To gain the Instructor designation, the student is required to submit a presentation to a thorough evaluation process, judged by qualified Asigra training staff, according to the company. More information is available by emailing [email protected].


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