Asigra, NetApp Team for Backup Recovery as a Service

Asigra, the channel-focused cloud backup and recovery software provider that works with a who's who of cloud service providers, is partnering with NetApp. The duo is promoting a so-called backup and recovery as a service (BRaaS) to solutions providers. Here are some details.

The deal behind the solution is simple: storage and data management firm NetApp provides the appliances and Asigra provides the software. What solutions providers get is a scalable, secure solution for private, public, or hybrid cloud backups that helps improve infrastructure efficiency, they claim.

Says Asigra Executive VP Eran Farajun in a prepared statement:

“Asigra and NetApp are perfectly matched from both a technology and business partnering model with service provider programs that redefine the vendor-partner experience. As a result of our strategic alignment, service providers not only benefit from the best-of-breed technology currently available, but from years of experience that could enhance their prosperity.”

The two cloud companies claim that their solution is designed from the ground up to help MSPs bring their own storage solutions to market quickly and with a high ROI. Still, the online backup and disaster recovery market is filled with dozens of options, so Asigra and NetApp will face plenty of competition.

The side story here: Anything-as-a-Service continues to gain momentum -- or at least, vendor buzz. Infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, seems to never stop.

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