Apptix Launches Hosted Email Security for On-Premises

Apptix is continuing its push to build its name in the messaging services market as they launch two new products aimed at providing hosted security solutions for on-premises e-mail systems: Apptix Perimeter Email Defense and Email Defense with Continuity. Here’s the scoop.

The first new solution, Perimeter Email Defense, is aimed at helping reduce the load on traditional anti-spam solutions by filtering incoming IPs against a blacklist, keeping harmful messages from penetrating the corporate network and defusing DDoS attacks, according to the Apptix press release.

Email Defense with Continuity does that and more: in addition to IP filtering, it delivers full-on spam protection with anti-virus engines and fraud detection, in addition to other security features. In addition, messages are queued off-site for 60 days to ensure message continuity in event of an outage. It’s designed to be a total security suite for on-premises systems rather than a supplement.

I’m always interested to see the crossroads of on-premises and cloud, and judging from past conversations with Apptix, they seem to have a good handle of what customers want -- especially when costs start at $1/user/month for Perimeter and $1.95/user/month for Continuity. But will MSPs bite?

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