AppNeta, Artisan Infrastructure Bolster Network Performance for MSPs

AppNeta and Artisan Infrastructure are partnering to enhance customer network and application performance for VARs and MSPs. AppNeta focuses on cloud-based network performance management. Artisan Infrastructure offers wholesale IaaS services. So what's the potential upside for MSPs?

Let's rewind a bit. A few weeks ago, Artisan Infrastructure CEO Brian Hierholzer told MSPmentor that the company would never -- ever -- compete with MSPs. Instead, Artisan offers Infastructure as a Service to MSPs, upon which service providers can launch cloud apps of their own choosing. In other words, Artisan will never start hosting its own email, CRM and other systems for end-customers. The Artisan IaaS is a platform upon which partners can build their own cloud services.

Meanwhile, AppNeta specializes in network performance monitoring. The company's PathView Cloud and CloudSmart offerings allow MSPs to remotely pinpoint customers' network and application programs, AppNeta claims.

So far, AppNeta claims to have about 1,000 users worldwide. And Artisan's IaaS platform supports more than 200 service providers worldwide. Connect the dots between AppNeta and Artisan, and you've got a potential solution that spans on-premise and cloud services. For instance, say a small business customer has VoIP phones that link to an MSP's unified communications system running in Artisan's cloud. In theory, the AppNeta-Artisan relationship will allow the MSP to track network performance data across the total solution -- from those on-premise networks out to Artisan's cloud.

Can AppNeta and Artisan Infrastructure deliver on that type of vision? Or do they have different solutions in mind that MSPmentor has overlooked? We'll be watching.



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