AppNeta Adds Certification Program for Partners

Cloud-based distributed network performance management services provider AppNeta is launching a global channel partner certification program for its 400 plus partners. The company says the certification program is designed to accelerate business growth with sales, marketing and technical enablement.

Partners can get certified on pre-site assessment or on both pre-site assessment and performance monitoring services. Training is free and conducted via the web. Certifications can be attained in a few hours, CEO Jim Melvin told me. MSPs can use the PathView Cloud monitoring services to help build monthly recurring revenue.

The technology also has the potential to end many headaches for MSPs. That’s because when network performance isn’t up to par, often the customer blames the applications, and, in turn, the MSP.

MSPs can use the pre-site assessment to pinpoint where network problems are occurring – in the customer’s switch, at the carrier or somewhere else. By identifying where the problem lies and whether the solution is in the part of the network that the MSP and the customer can control, the MSP can either fix it or talk to the carrier. For instance, the pre-site assessment can reveal if the customer is really getting the bandwidth that he paid for.

AppNeta says its PathView Cloud solution is a zero-administration, cloud-based service designed to meet the performance demands of distributed networks and mainstream network-dependent applications including unified communications, cloud services and virtualization.

AppNeta CEO Melvin says the solution has resulted in great success for his company and the MSPs who use it. Both partner ranks and revenues have grown significantly, he said.

Maybe that’s why the company was able to win venture capital funding of $6.2 million a year ago to help fund future growth.

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